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Welcome to the Piano Lessons Brisbane page, The Independent Music Academy's page all about Piano tuition. If you are looking for piano lessons in Brisbane then you have come to the right place.

Here you can find out about the piano lessons that we offer and some information on what genres, styles and types of piano we teach.

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We offer Brisbane's finest piano mentoring service. Catering to all levels we offer beginner piano lessons through to professional mentoring across all popular genres. This is Brisbane's best place to learn piano.

Piano Lessons Brisbane - About Our Lessons

Just starting out? Our teachers provide great beginner piano lessons in Brisbane.. Whether you are a child, teenager or adult, we will be able to start your piano lessons from the very beginning. We can teach you anything you want to learn including how to read music, correct technique, how to play your favourite songs, improvisation, composition and writing your own songs. You can start today with a free, no-obligation introductory piano lesson and one of our teachers will personalise a plan that works for you.

Already have piano training? If you have already taken piano lessons and are up to an intermediate or advanced level in piano, our teachers will be able to pick up where you left off and devise a personalised plan for you to continue building your skills and knowledge in piano. We can start you off with some new songs or you can feel free to bring your old pieces along.

Private Lessons One on one lessons give you the luxury of learning at your own pace and receiving personalised attention to your piano playing. We've mentored complete beginners through to touring professionals in our one on one sessions. We'll definitely be able to help you out regardless of what level you are at, or what genre you want to play.

Preparation for Piano Examinations Our teachers are able to prepare you or your child for practical and theory piano examinations with AMEB, ANZCA, Trinity or AGMED. We will help you or your child through all of the technical work required including scales, arpeggios, contrary motion, parallel thirds, aural skills and more. We can teach you or your child all the required skills and techniques in order to play piano pieces from the chosen syllabus such as Piano For Leisure, Classical Piano, Modern Piano and Contemporary Pop Piano.

We believe that one of the most important elements of learning piano is learning to play music that you love. The piano is an extremely versatile instrument and we can teach you how to play any style or genre that you like.

Piano Lessons Brisbane - Genres We Teach

Classical Piano Lessons Brisbane

If you are looking to learn classical piano pieces from the Baroque, Romantic, Classical and 20th Century eras, our educated and experienced teachers can help you. We will be able to help you improve your technique to play classical piano, read music, use expression in your playing and effectively perform classical music from the great composers such as Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Debussy, Liszt, Ravel, Schubert, Haydn and Tchaikovsky. We can also prepare you for examinations with examining organisations such as AMEB, ANZCA, Trinity and AGMED.

Pop, Rock and Contemporary Piano Lessons Brisbane

At Independent Music Academy, we also offer pop, rock and contemporary piano lessons. We can teach contemporary piano techniques such as improvisation, composition, playing chords, song-writing, playing in a band and reading chord charts and lead sheets. Our teachers can help you learn how to play your favourite song or how to write your own music. We can give you all the skills you need to become a solo contemporary, rock or pop piano player or to play in a band and gig.

Composition and Song-Writing Lessons Brisbane

If you are looking to write your own songs, we can teach you popular chord progressions in pop and rock songs and how to compose using these chords. We can also teach you how to compose melodies and rhythms and how to write piano to accompany vocals. If you are wanting to produce your own music, we can work around your style and genre (dance, electronic, pop, rnb, dubstep) and help you to find techniques that will enhance your songwriting and production process.

Blues and Jazz Piano Lessons Brisbane

Jazz and Blues piano is often thought to be difficult, but we can teach you how to play jazz and blues piano through blues licks, jazz and blues chord progressions, extended chords, jazz voicings, walking basslines and improvisation techniques. To help you learn jazz and blues piano, we can guide you through Jazz standards and 12-bar blues to build your knowledge of jazz and blues piano music and increase your repertoire.

Television, Film and Video Game Piano Music Lessons Brisbane

We can help you learn your favourite television, movie or video game theme song or piano music composed for film. We have taught students in the past how to play video game music such as Final Fantasy, Zelda and Mario Brothers. Our teachers are motivated to help you learn the music that you love and want to learn.

20th Century and Avante-Garde Piano Lessons Brisbane

20th Century and Avante-Garde piano music is rarely taught in piano lessons, but our teachers have a broad knowledge of piano and would love to teach you how to piano music from composers such as Bartok, Erik Satie and Philip Glass, and any other composer or song you would like to learn.

Getting Started

Whatever your goals are for learning piano, we will help you achieve them. Don't sit there just listening to music, start making it.